EQ3: A modern Canadian approach to furniture and home goods.

Established in 2001, EQ3 is a designer, manufacturer, and retailer of timeless home furnishings.

If you have a love for modern design, a commitment to collaboration, and a desire to develop and grow your passions, skills, and expertise, then EQ3 might be the perfect fit for you!

  • Edgar Oquendo

    Research and Development Manager

    “ There are so many aspects of my job that I enjoy. Bringing designs to life. The challenge of the build, and that no day or design is ever the same. That there's always something new to learn. Building something that becomes part of someone's life. ”

  • Amanda Palylyk

    Customer Care Agent

    “ I love working for EQ3 because; we have very friendly staff and environment, it is a very family oriented company , and there are always opportunities to move up and grow within the company! ”

  • Amanda Dawson

    Store Manager

    “ Working for EQ3 allows me the opportunity to work with fantastic people and a beautiful product line. I can make people fall in love with their new space or in love with an old space over again. I couldn’t imagine a better place to work! ”